The I.T.S. accepts new students in two periods each school year: January for the January - June Semester, and August for the August - December Semester.
The Call for Admission is published in the I.T.S. official website: www.its.mx It is available only for freshmen enrollment periods, and it provides all the necessary information and the steps the interested students need to complete to be considered for admission at the I.T.S.:

A) Students need to complete the admission application questionnaire which asks a series of questions about personal information and school history.

B) Students receive an email from the I.T.S. confirming their application went through, and with the information the students need to take to the bank.

C) Students take the printed form (attached to the email they received) to the bank and pay the non-refundable application fee.

D) After paying at the bank, students register for the exam: EXANI II from CENEVAL, online in the link provided at the call. The EXANI II is a standardized test used at many colleges and universities as part of their admission processes. At the end of this process students get a document they need to print, which is the registration to the CENEVAL confirmation.

E) Students need to bring that printed document to take the test. It is mandatory to have it with them plus an official I.D. (with picture) to be allowed to take the test. The test dates change each year and are set by the testing agency in agreement with the I.T.S.

F) Students show up the day of the exam at the I.T.S. campus. Lists with the classrooms and students assigned to each classroom are posted outside the Academic Department two days before the exam date.

G) Many I.T.S. volunteer students serve as guides for the applicants showing them and/or taking them to their classrooms on the day of the exam.

H) Lists with the applicants' I.D. numbers (not names), and the scores they got in the exam, are published in the I.T.S. official website (www.its.mx ) and are also printed and posted outside the Academic Department about ten days after the exam was taken. Students who achieve the required CENEVAL test score will have the label "allowed to register" next to the test score.

I) Students' ID numbers, which do not appear in the lists as "allowed to register" have the choice to register for the Propaedeutic Semester. Which is a semester they will take the basic, but core subjects any student who will study at I.T.S. needs. This semester will not give them any credits. Only students who finish the semester with a summative evaluation score of 70 or higher, will be admitted to the regular Semester I.