The I.T.S. identified an opportunity for improving the admission entrance process.

There are many reasons why students drop out of college/university. College is tough, even for those bright high school students with great CENEVAL exam scores. Many of these bright students also fail academically their first year.

Due to the statistics that most of the I.T.S. students who drop out, leave school during the first academic year (First and Second semesters); despite having achieved the required scores in the CENEVAL exam to be admitted at the I.T.S.; the I.T.S. has changed the admission requirements to offer the prospectus students an opportunity to start college better academically prepared.

The I.T.S. believes that offering an intensive 5-week course of remedial classes to all the students who achieve the necessary score in the CENEVAL exam, will help to reduce this readiness gap. Therefore, the prospective students will need to fulfill two entrance requirements: An acceptance score in the CENEVAL exam, and to take the 5-week course which is organized in the following way:



Mechatronics Engineering

Foundations of Calculus

Industrial Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Business Management

Mechanic Engineering

Electric Engineering

Computer Systems Engineering

Foundations of Calculus
Introduction to Programming

Materials Engineering

Foundations of Calculus

Academic Preparation
During the admission process, our goal is to find students who will thrive in I.T.S.'s rigorous academic environment. With this in mind, we offer a suggested course of study to help students better prepare for I.T.S.

A) Students who achieve the required CENEVAL test score, as stated by the I.T.S., are allowed to register for the 5-week intensive remedial course.
B) Students who achieve the required points (25% points from the CENEVAL score, plus the 75% points from the summative assessment from the 5-week course) will be allowed to register for the regular Semester I in the program they chose when they registered, and become one of our I.T.S. students.